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San Blas Experience, travel agency based en Panama, offers tour, accommodation and daytour in San Blas (Guna Yala) and Panama. Our travel packages all included take you to know the better places in Panama like historical monuments, beautiful beaches and ancient cultures.

San Blas - Accommodation in Senidup island

Overnight stay in private cabin with shared bathroom. Transportation, meals and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Senidup island (you can contract others tours in the island).

San Blas - Accommodation in Narasgandup island

Overnight stay in private cabin with private bathroom. Transportation, meals, tour and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Narasgandup island, Perro island and natural pool.

San Blas - Daytour to Perro island

Full day (5 AM to 7 PM). Transportation, lunch and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Perro island, Wailydup island and natural pool.

San Blas - Daytour to Aguja island

Full day (5 AM to 7 PM). Transportation, lunch and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Aguja island.

Panama - Daytour to Panama City and Panama Canal

Full day (5 AM to 7 PM). Transportation, fees and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Miraflores (Panama Canal), Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Causeway.

Panama - Daytour to Embera community

Full day (5 AM to 7 PM). Transportation, lunch, fees and guide (bilingual) included. You will visit: Embera community.

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San Blas Experience, travel agency based in Panama, began operating at the end of 2012, therefore it already has several years of presence and experience in the market.

From the beginning of our business we have specialized in all­inclusive vacation packages in San Blas Islands (Panama), working for domestic and foreign customers.

Over time, we have incorporated new vacation packages to many destinations throughout Panama with the objective of providing our customers with entirely flexible solutions, adapted to their individual needs.

Customer service, staff's efficiency and high degree of professionalism assure full satisfaction of our services' quality from wholesalers of different countries, internationally recognized hotels and final customers.

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About Guna Yala


Guna territory has about 378 islands, including 49 inhabited communities. For the most part, these are used by the Gunas to raise coconut crops, fishing and now tourism.

The territory is used cooperatively, families changing every 3 or 4 months, giving an opportunity to each Guna who wishes to have a supplemental income.

They are coral islands with white sand and crystal clear waters of incredible beauty.
There is also a large rainforest of 320,000 hectares, located in Darien, called the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor.
That land is only used by Gunas who engaged in hunting and planting vegetables and traditional medicine.

The exploitation of Natural Resources for commercial purposes is prohibited.
In 2008 they opened the only land access to the Gulf of San Blas, improving tourist access
and giving them the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the rainforest.


GunaYala also known as the San Blas Archipelago is an autonomous indigenous region of the Republic of Panama thanks to the revolution "Dule" of 1925.

The Gunas rejected colonial Panamanian police because of some racist acts that went against ancestral beliefs.

They proclaimed themselves an independent republic of Panama.
After negotiations with the government of Panama in 1938, the government gave them full autonomy of the Guna territory.

Over the years Gunas took advantage of this autonomy, keeping their rituals, traditions and language.

After many years, daily life has not changed much, as they live very close to their environment, the mountain, the forest, the sun and the sea.
Their way of life has remained almost unchanged, as they spiritually interact with of the casiques, saila, nele y argan as part of everyday life.

According to the Guna’s ancient stories and foreign studies, the Gunas came from the Sierra Nevada of Colombia centuries ago.
After struggles with other indigenous tribes, they moved to the Darien.

After the arrival of the Spanish and the discovery of gold, the Gunas again had to move towards the region of Chepo.

Finally they had another confrontation with settlers that they were searching for gold and they had to move to the archipelago.

Very Important Note, the Guna are traditionally gold producers and artisans like many Native American cultures, which in colonial times provoked constant confrontation with the recently arrived Spanish.

FAQ Guna Yala

San Blas, Kuna Yala or GunaYala?
The region, known as San Blas, was renamed Kuna Yala in 1998 by a decree. However, in October of 2011, the Panamanian government allowed the "K" to be changed to a "G", re-naming the area Guna Kala. There is no an equivalent to the letter "K" in native Kuna tongue. Changing the name to "Guna Yala” allowed the Guna people to recognize their heritage and native language. The pronunciation of the “G” is very similar to the Castilian letter “K”.?
Who are the Gunas?
The Gunas are an autonomous indigenous peoples native to Panama; Guna Yala is a comarca which means the Guna people own all of their land and make all of their own political decisions.
Are there mosquitos?
Most of the islands are almost free of mosquitoes, which makes your trip to the island much more enjoyable. However, we recommend bringing repellent.
When is the best time of year to visit Guna Yala?
Panamanian summer is from December to April; which means you can enjoy the sun and a cool northern breeze. April to July bringing a mix of sun, wind and some rain.
What will I find in Guna Yala?
Guna Yala is a simple place, distant from civilization. There is no running water or electricity.
Why travel to Guna Yala?
Guna Yala is a hidden paradise. The islands look today much like they did hundreds of years ago. An un-touched tropical paradise with mile after mile of crystal blue skies and open ocean.
What to expect?
Hotels are equipped to meet your basic needs.
Is there a discounted price for children?
Children 4 years or older pay full price. Children under 4 are free.
What should I bring?
Although all packages include 3 meals, we recommend you bring water, snacks and any additional personal necessities.
How far in advance should I book?
We recommend that you book as far in advance as possible since there are a limited number of rooms available.
Booking and cancellation procedures?
To confirm your reservation, you must pay a deposit by bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or cash. The deposit is not refundable. The remaining capital will be charged upon arrival at the port.

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