San Blas - Daytour - Cayos Holandeses

Daytour in Cayos Holandeses, San Blas. Travel package all included. Check the price, what the package includes and how it works.

The package includes

Included Shared transportation by 4x4 car from your location in Panama City to Garti Tupile port (round trip)
Included Transportation by boat from Garti Tupile to the island (round trip)
Included Entrance to the island and use the facilities (showers and baths)
Not Included Entrance fee to the Guna Yala ($5 for panamanians, $20 for foreigners)
Not Included Port tax ($2)
Not Included Breakfast
Not Included Lunch
Not Included Beverages


2-3 people $262 per person
3-4 people $197 per person
4-5 people $162 per person
5-6 people $144 per person
6+ people $132 per person
A minimum of 2 people are required

The beaches are white sand, the water is clean, clear and shallow, suitable for snorkeling, and can observe large number and variety of marine species. The vegetation of the island is mainly palm trees and shrubs. Is the most remote and lovely archipelago. There are no toilets and no restaurants.