Panama - Daytour - Embera indigenous community

Daytour in Embera indigenous community, Panama. Travel package all included. Check the price, what the package includes and how it works.

The package includes

Included Transportation by car from your location in Panama City (round trip)
Included Transportation by canoe (round trip)
Included Entrance to the Chagres National Park
Included Guided tour of the Tusipono community
Included Bilingual guide (spanish and english)
Included Lunch
Included Visit to the waterfall
Included Embera dance
Included Bottled water
Included Fruits


1 person $215 per person
2 people $120 per person
3 people $95 per person
4+ people $88 per person
A minimum of 2 people are required

How the package works

The Embera indigenous community Tour will start at 8:00 AM, leaving from your Hotel. Our expert guide will drive you along the Interamericana highway for approx 45 minutes to the Corotu port on the edge of the beautiful Chagres river.

Members of the village will welcome you. The first highlight of the tour will be a ride along the Chagres river in a traditional Embera canoe that will take you to the village. Sometimes the river is so shallow the Embera guide will have to get out and push the canoe through the reeds. Sightings of sloth’s, monkey’s and a wide variety of birds including the Toucan and Eagle are common during this beautiful ride through the Embera Jungle lands.

Around noon we will arrive at the Embera village, the village members will greet us with a traditional dance. You can explore the village at your leisure to have a glimpse of how the Embera live and work, play with the children and take in the pleasant surroundings.

Then you will listen a short talk about the Embera culture, lifestyle and local crafts. We eat a delicious traditional meal of patacones (fried plantains) and fried fish.

After lunch it is time to listen their traditional music and watch the Embera women dance some traditional shamanic dances. Next comes shopping time! Although is not required it is nice to contribute to the community by buying their amazing handicrafts.

Then the entire Embera tribe gathers for a group photo. They are not shy and love to see the result if you have a digital. If you would like to receive a traditional non permanent tattoo now is the time. Is fruit juice dye and lasts only 8 days before it wears off.

Then you will go on a short hike to the waterfall (during the rainy season this is a large waterfall but much smaller during the drier months) to take a refreshing bath and escape the humidity and heat for a while.

Finally, at 3:00 PM you will begin your way back to the Embera village and then Panama City.