Darién - Tour - La Palma and Mogue

Tour in La Palma and Mogue, Darién. Travel package all included. Check the price, what the package includes and how it works.

The package includes

Included Transportation by 4x4 car from your location in Panama City to Kimba port (round trip)
Included Transportation by boat from Kimba to La Palma (round trip)
Included Overnight stay in private room (1 night) and hammock (1 night)
Included Transportation by canoe from La Palma to Mogue (round trip)
Included Entrance fee to Mogue
Included Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Included Bilingual guide (spanish and english)
Not Included Beverages


2 people $473 per person
3 people $350 per person
4 people $326 per person
5 people $279 per person
6 people $252 per person
A minimum of 2 people are required

Darién: A place surrounded by nature and yet unexploited for tourism.You can pull the plug and live a unique and unforgettable experience.

Day 1
We will pick you up at your hotel or residence at 5:00 AM. The journey to Port Kimba takes about 5 hours.
Our local tour guide will be waiting for you at the port and will escort you during your stay in Darién.
From Port Kimba we will travel by boat towards the city of La Palma (about 30 minutes) where you will have a typical regional dish for lunch. In the afternoon, we will enjoy a walk through the city and if desired, you can also buy souvenirs. Lastly, after dinner, you can rest up by spending the night in a picturesque hotel facing the sea.

Day 2
The day starts early at 6:00 AM with a typical breakfast.
At 7:00 AM we will board a canoe and we will arrive in Mogué, a small Embera Village, in about an hour.
The true experience begins here as you will come into contact with a primitive culture, completely far from civilization and close to nature.
Our local guide will explain about the local customs and traditions and if you wish, you can negotiate a Harpy Eagle watching tour after an incredible hike of two and a half hours in the middle of the wonderful tropical forest, while admiring the flora and fauna that abound along the river banks.
After lunch you can relax on the river bank and explore a little more of the village.
Before the dinner, you will see a traditional dance performance and then you can admire and buy handicrafts.
You will spend the night in a traditional Darién hut. All necessary facilities, such as toilets and showers, shall be provided.

Day 3
In the morning you will be served a typical breakfast and a good homemade coffee. At around 8:00 AM we will board the canoe again and sail towards Port Kimba. After one hour and a half we will arrive at the port where you will find our driver waiting for you and he will drive you back to your hotel or house.